Lisze Bechtold

Author, Illustrator, Animator

interior art from Sally and the Purple Socks

Interior art for Sally and the Purple Socks

interior art from Sally and the Purple Socks

First the colors were planned by painting on a photocopy of the rough sketch. Then the background was painted in gouache before the lines were drawn in ink with a brush.

Sally and the Purple Socks

Philomel, 2008
ISBN: 978-0-399-24734-7
(picture book)

Sally can't wait to wear her lovely purple mail ordered socks. But did she remember to tell the Socks For All Company her size? Sally's creativity and unflappable demeanor are tested by the unruly socks she adores. This Children's Choice book received a starred review in Kirkus and was chosen for Dolly Parton's Literacy program,

interior art for Sally and the Purple Socks

Invaluable studio assistant and chair hog

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