Lisze Bechtold

Author, Illustrator, Animator

School visits include a teacher guide & a set of books as available

Buster the Very Shy Dog all on one printed sheet

This kid's drawing really captures the spirits of Buster & Phoebe

Student's favorite theme for Buster the Very Shy Dog, "Be Brave"

Student collage art inspired by "Edna's Tale", with real leaves!

Student's favorite theme for Buster the Very Shy Dog, "Everyone is good at something"



Presentations are lively and interactive, incorporating language, art, math, and science. 30-50 minutes long, they are geared to the age level of the students.

Pets with big personalities have often been the inspiration for my books. Although I mention a number of ways to get ideas and write a first draft, a character-driven method is the one I demonstrate. I draw for the students as we create a character together, then build a possible plot from this character study. I talk about revision, the creative and editorial processes, and the importance of persistence.

Comments from schools visited:

“Lisze had a great rapport with the kids.”
--Kern County Young Authors Fair

“They will not soon forget how you made them feel, giving them your time and attention.”

“They knew you liked them and respected their opinions.”
--Olive Drive Elementary, Bakersfield


I have taught writing and illustrating books in workshops, as well as semester long classes. Venues have included UCLA Extension, Elementary Schools, Libraries, and CLA and SCBWI Conferences.

I enjoy teaching workshops to both adults and children, approaching it in a whole brain way. As an author and illustrator, I have often solved a story problem while sketching, and an illustration problem while writing. I feel it's important for students to do exercises in both writing and illustrating in order to access different ideas, even if they have a strong preference for one over the other. We explore how words and pictures work together to convey feelings and move the story through the pages. We play with language, reading aloud to hear sounds and rhythms, and how the words help or hinder the pace of the story.

Please contact for pricing and scheduling.

Feline supervision not included in workshops.

Selected Works

Leveled Reader
Buster tries to help a homeless kitten, over the objections of his friends.
A very shy dog finds his special skill in a house full of outgoing pets.
Picture Book
Sally the duck is challenged by a pair of unruly purple socks.
A vain cat discovers a new talent
Sassy Toots invites herself into a house that already has three cats.
Early Chapter Book
An excessively shy dog finds his place in a new home.
Big sister Phoebe takes advantage of Buster’s gullibility.

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